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Nao Uda / 宇田奈緒 / udanao (photographer / artist)

Nao Uda was born in Japan in 1983. After she received BFA Photography at School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2007, she travels and makes artwork in several cities. She works in several mediums such as drawings, photography and paintings that features her alter-ego called "Nu". She held many solo shows in Japan, USA, Canada and Taiwan since 2006. She has also presented her works in group shows in New York, Las Vegas, Canada, Japan, and Jordan. She has participated artist in residence program in Japan, USA and Taiwan, and is currently taking part in a year-long residency program in Canada.


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【My latest works/最近の作品】
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*Solo show in Toronto, Canada: June 2-27, 2015
"316 Powell Street"
June 2-27, 2015 (9am-8pm)
Opening Reception on Saturday June 13, 2015 at 1pm
Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
6 Garamond Court, Toronto, ON, M3C 1Z5 Canada
(416) 441-2345

*Artist in residency July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015
Japanese Canadian Cultural Center (Toronto, Canada)
(chosen as a fellowship receipit by Pola Art Fundation, Japan)
カナダ トロントの日系文化会館にてポーラ芸術振興財団の研修員として滞在制作中です。

*Artist in residency May 14-June15, 2014
"Your Comments Are Important To Us"
P3 Studio (The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, USA)
click here/詳細はこちら

*Press release click here/こちら

*Information on Art Production Fund website click here/こちら

*Las Vegas Weekly
by Ms.Dawn-Michelle Baude
Click here/こちら

*Seven Magazine
Yours in Translation: P3 Exhibit Lets Guests Write Their Own Narrative
by Mr.Jevijoe Vitug
Click here/こちら

*ニューヨークのアートプロジェクト"After Hours 2: Murals on the Bowery"の
公募に選ばれました。New York Timesにて紹介されています。
I was selected in the open call for the public art project "After Hours 2: Murals on the Bowery" in New York City. My name and work were introduced on New York Times.
こちらからどうぞ/click here

*Art Production Fundによるプレスリリース
Art Production Fund Press releaseこちらからどうぞ/click here

*School of Visual Arts introduced my mural work on their blog!
ニューヨークの母校のSchool of Visuial Artsがblogで作品を紹介して下さいました。
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*My work and story is on "Shukan New York Seikatsu" June 1 issue.
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「うつる」ことをめぐって 中村達哉【ダンス】×宇田奈緒【写真】